Bunker station

The bunker tank has a capacity of 225 m³ marine gas oil. We have lubricating oils, gear oils and hydraulic oils in stock, but if large quantities are required, they must be ordered in advance. At our wharf, vessels can also take on water or be connected to shore power, 230 V/16 A, 32 A and 80 A.


Repair work

Repairs to commercial and pleasure boats can be carried out in our covered wharf (wharf shed). Using two traverse cranes with a combined lifting capacity of 30 tonnes, boats can also be taken out of the water for maintenance and repair. The ‘wharf shed’ is fitted with high-pressure washers with steam, which helps us wash boats below the waterline. Repairs to large boats can be carried out at one of our outdoor wharfs. These are 15 and 20 metres long.

Sheet metal processing and welding

A sheet metal processing and welding shop for both aluminium and iron. In our NC (numerically controlled) cutting machine, we cut aluminium, stainless steel and thin iron sheets with plasma. Thicker iron sheets are cut autogenically in the same machine. The parts are cut very precisely, facilitating the work of joining sheet structures. 

We have certified welders for both aluminium and steel. We also have our own NDT inspector with certificates for magnetic particle and penetrant testing.



Our brands are Springer and SeaGreen and both are made of marine aluminium.